Precision Rescue is a Premiere Emergency Vehicle Manufacturer and Ambulance Remounter located in Asheville, North Carolina. Founded in 2012 by John Daly, who inspires a tradition of excellence and affordability. 


John has been in the ambulance sales arena for over 20 years. His experience as a Paramedic, combined with his expertise in ambulance design prompted him to launch a company that specializes in manufacturing light rescues, ambulance remounts, and police, fire, and ems conversions. He opened Presicion Rescue in a 10,000 sqft. manufacturing facility that can accommodate multiple units in production.


Precision Rescue’s staff include highly qualified welders, electricians and fabricators, all who take pride in their work. Many have volunteered in Fire/EMS and bring a wealth of knowledge with how these vehicles are truly utilized in real life scenarios. Our employees are our backbone, and they stand ready to assist with any vehicle needed to save and protect your communities.


Our strategic partnerships include FireTech HiViz LED lighting just a few miles from our location. We are excited to collaborate with this outstanding company that is revolutionizing Fire/EMS lighting solutions. We are pleased to have provided FireTech with their very own, (2) Ford F550 4x4 Precision Rescue Vehicles Demonstrator vehicles. You will see them throughout the USA supporting their dealers, providing demonstrations at local stations and at many trade shows.




We take pride in every vehicle we deliver and you don't have to take our word for it. We are CAAS GVS certified and adhere to full KKK compliance.