Why remount?

By remounting your existing module or choosing from our modules and chassis, your department and communities will spend approximately 40% - 60% less than when purchasing a new ambulance.


Why remount?

When selecting a Precision Rescue remount, you receive a new chassis of your choosing and a completely refurbished module. Our refurbished models include all new paint (sanded and buffed), new flooring, compartment handles and latches, interior walls (if needed), and fabrication of any medic stations required, new HVAC system, new state-of-the-art bluetooth electrical system, and so much more. All of our remounts are also outfitted with new FireTech interior/exterior LED lighting or your choice of Whelen or Tecniq. The finished product will resemble a brand-new ambulance at a savings that your community will thank you for. That's our guarantee to every customer.



The Remount Process

Take a look inside our fabrication facility, located in North Carolina, at the process of remounting an ambulance.