New Ambulance Remounter & Light Rescue Manufacturer

Precision Rescue Vehicles officially announces our expansion of product offerings including Ambulance Remounts and New Build Light Rescue Vehicles in the USA! President John Daly, has been affiliated with New Ambulance Sales for 25 Years. In 2012, John opened Precision Rescue Vehicles specializing in Ambulance Remounts and Light Rescue Vehicles.

“We are excited to begin production of our very first 2021 Ford F550 4x4 Light Rescue with a 12’ All Aluminum structure with Roll Up doors, and will showcase our partner, Fire Tech HiViz LED Lights,” said Daly. “Expanding Precision Rescue Vehicles offerings, allows us to better meet the needs of our 1st Responders. Our philosophy is quite simple. Build Quality/Safe/Innovative Emergency Vehicles at an affordable PRICE to meet the demands of our Fire/EMS/Police who deserve our very best.”

Sustainability — Remounting an ambulance affords the end user, a completely refurbished ambulance module from top to bottom. We can completely overhaul the ambulance module from replacing flooring, cabinets, upholstery, paint, etc., or remount the module onto a new chassis of our customers choice without replacing anything but the chassis. Savings of a remounted ambulance can equate up to 50%-70%savings over a new ambulance. Due to budget constraints, remounting an older ambulance is a great way to extend the life of your emergency vehicle, saving money and delivery time. Today’s new ambulances allow for remounting and in many cases, can be remounted over and over saving your department a lot of money. Precision Rescue Vehicles is here to assist our customers in every aspect of the process from module, to chassis options, down to paint schemes, and graphics!

Versatility—We can remount any module or chassis type. If you have a Type 3 Van Ambulance, our team can remount and modify it to fit onto a Truck Type I chassis.

Proficiency—Our staff is comprised of experienced craftsmen who have been remounting, fabricating, and refurbishing ambulances for well over 25 years. You can trust our professional staff with your remounting or new rescue project. Many on our staff have been part of EMS/Fire as volunteers and paid staff for many years. They take pride in their work and their work reflects their pride and excellent craftsmanship.